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Pet Policy

We have hosted many wonderful dogs at the Nantahala River Lodge and hope to continue offering our guests the opportunity to travel with their dogs. Due to the unique interior of our home, we have strict requirements for dogs and their owners.  We consider allowing guests to bring their crate trained dog provided the terms of our Pet Policy are agreed to.

Our Pet Policy includes provisions such as:

  • Dogs must be crate trained and crated when left alone.
  • Dogs must be at least 1 year old.
  • Dogs must be crated when left unattended.  We do not provide crates, you must bring yours from home.
  • Dogs are not allowed upstairs where the bedrooms are located.  Dogs must be limited to the main floor of the house.  We provide a gate for this purpose.
  • Dogs are not allowed on furniture.
  • The pet owner is responsible for replacement cost for any damage.
  • The pet owner accepts full liability for their pet.

Most things in our home are handcrafted from the wood we salvaged from our old family cabin and are family heirlooms, irreplaceable and extremely sentimental.  The interior and exterior of our home are crafted from rough sawn wood.  Many pet owners are not accustomed to these surfaces.  Dog hair will cling to the interior and exterior walls, the wood furniture and the hewn deck railings.   Additional efforts on your part will be required for us to consider allowing you to bring your dog into the Nantahala River Lodge.

If you would like for us to consider allowing your dog to stay at the Nantahala River Lodge, please send us information about your dog. Typically we allow only one dog.   We’ll contact you to discuss how we may work together.


Only Crate Trained Dogs at least one year old are allowed.  No other animals qualify as allowed pets.  Pets are only allowed when approved in advance and only when the following terms are agreed to:

1)   I confirm that my dog is at least one year old.

2)   I confirm that my dog is crate trained and I will bring a crate for use during my stay.

3)  I understand that a non refundable pet fee of $30 per night will be charged per dog, up to $150 per dog.

4)   I understand that an additional pet security deposit of $350.00 per dog shall be paid and shall be forfeited in the event of damage to property (includes real and personal property, natural foliage and vegetation, landscaping, erosion-control terrain) or non compliance of Pet Policy.

5)   I confirm that my dog shall never be left unattended unless crated.

6)   I understand that the property owners provide a dog gate to be used to prevent my dog from going upstairs.  I understand this dog gate is not to be used to confine my dog.   My crate will be used for confinement.

7)   I understand that any damage caused by my dog to the exterior or interior of the Lodge, including furnishings and grounds, will be my full financial responsibility and I agree to pay all costs involved in the restoration to its original condition.  If damage is such that it cannot be repaired, then I hereby agree to pay the full expense of replacement.

8)   I agree to report pet damage immediately upon occurrence to facilitate timely repairs/corrections/cleanup.  Waiting until checkout to report pet damage can potentially increase my financial responsibility.  I agree that damages resulting from my pet can result in related costs, including but not limited to: fumigation costs and loss of rents due to the Lodge not being fit for occupancy by the next guests.  Liability for costs of displacing future guests (lost rents) is limited to two nights, and is only applicable when best reasonable efforts to return the Lodge to rentable status are not effective and result in lost revenue to property owners.

9)  I agree to take special precautions to protect my dog from area wildlife and to protect area wildlife from my dog.

10)  I agree to the following guidelines for control and behavior of my dog:

  • I will not allow my dog on the furniture or beds.
  • I will not allow my dog upstairs (in the bedroom area)
  • I will diligently maintain cleanliness of my dog’s sleeping and feeding areas.
  • I will clean up all waste product of my dog.  Acceptable clean-up shall be placing the waste product in trash cans provided.  A shovel is provided by the property owners.
  • I will prevent my dog from creating excessive noise.
  • I will prevent my dog from disturbing fishermen.

11)  I agree to hold property owners harmless for any perils to my dog including, but not limited to, accidents, injuries, illness, loss, runaway, death or any other circumstances relating to the presence of my pet.  I understand that certain conditions of the environment and habitat of the area are inherently risky for domestic animals.  This includes dangers of predators (bears, raccoons, wild dogs, snakes and others) and other conditions (fallen or falling trees, branches, stinging insects, poisonous vegetation, land/rock slides, and others).  I understand that pets are not affected by, but can facilitate human contact with poison ivy toxins.

12)   I agree that my financial responsibilities herein apply to pets whether owned by me, my family, or the guests staying with me at the Lodge.  “Visiting” pets (those brought by visitors just stopping by and not pre-approved to stay) are not allowed inside the Lodge.

13)  I agree to indemnify , hold harmless, and defend property owner against all liability, judgements, expenses, including attorney’s fees, or claims by third parties for any injury to any person or damage to property of any kind whatsoever caused by my dog.

14)   I understand that non-compliance of any item contained in this policy shall be a breach of the rules and will result in the forfeiture of my security deposit plus any other costs outlined herein.

Our Pet Policy will be sent to you as an Addendum to our Rental Agreement.  Each item must be intialed and the agreement must be signed and returned.

We thank you for your understanding regarding the measures we have had to put in place to allow dogs into our home.  We travel with our dog too and understand the importance of having them with you!

Annette & Mickey